Inspired by and named for the newly released book Smith Island, Spoken, this business and website are resources for products and information related to Smith Island, Maryland and the greater Chesapeake Bay area.

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Accessible only by boat, Smith Island consists of three towns in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay: Ewell, Rhodes Point, and Tylerton.  Chartered by Captain John Smith in 1608 and inhabited seasonally by Native Americans dating back to more than 12,000 years ago, the island has long played an important role in the lives of people living on the Chesapeake.  However, due to erosion and rising sea levels, Smith Island is in danger of succumbing to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Though state and local efforts are being made to save the island, some scientists estimate the island may have anywhere from 20 - 100 years remaining. 
The purpose of both this book and this business is to document Smith Island, its people, and its culture as it exists today.  If one day the island ceases to exist, I don't want its soul to vanish along with it; I want to know that I did what I could to preserve it.